"Success doesn't have to be about doing the same things every single day. It's about doing the RIGHT things on the RIGHT days!"

- Me

Does this sound like you?

  • You are an ambitious woman wanting to achieve success in your own business

  • You keep setting goals but you're struggling to maintain them

  • Your social media creation, accounting, strategy planning etc are all rather sporadic and unstructured

  • Your emotional, physical and mental inconsistencies through each month (thanks to your hormonal cycle) are holding you back

  • You've read all the habit building books and tried all the hacks, but still can't keep consistent in your energy, motivation, confidence, focus or productivity

  • You are open to learning more about your own body and how it can benefit your success path

  • You are ready to try something different to unlock your full potential

If the answer is yes, Ambitious Achievers might be the alternative business success strategy you've been looking for! Read on...

This is the programme that is going to give you everything you need to break free from the limitations of your monthly cycle as a way to unlock the full potential of your business.

Understanding that one week I can be super creative and motivated to the next not able to come up with any ideas. And how this is connected to our hormones has been great for giving me the grace that maybe it's not the best time to be doing these kinds of tasks.

- Nicola

I'm Danielle, The Hormonal Cycle Optimisation Coach​

TEDx Speaker, Business Woman & Health Coach

Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge with 8 years of combined corporate and personal coaching experience. Danielle has a long list of qualifications including change management practitioner, health and life coach, which she continues to add to, in her endeavours to be as well equipped as possible to continue to support her clients.

Danielle decided to focus her coaching practice on hormonal cycle optimisation after seeing a pattern of women struggling in their commitment to her coaching program and realised that hormone cycles was a common theme.

Cycle tracking and syncing was something she'd learnt a lot about personally and quickly realised that others were much less aware of the concept as a whole.

Danielle could see how her work would be able to empower women to start seeing their cycle as something positive and a superpower that could be leveraged to deliver benefits as significant as generating more cash!

Danielle is also a TEDx Speaker who shared her ideas on how hormonal cycle alignment could be a solution to burnout. She is also on a mission to educate people (whether they have periods or not) on the practical experience of hormonal cycles, over and above the science, and the part they play in our every day lives.

I loved my time spent with Danielle. I enrolled on the course because I was intrigued as to how she could help me plan my business around my hormonal cycle. She was very knowledgeable about what to do, how to track and how to implement ways of managing and organising everything. You can tell she really cares about her students and was always willing to help and offer advice, even after the course had ended.

I left the course with more information, feeling less overwhelmed and ready to put into practice all of the things Danielle taught us. It's great that we have the portal to refer back to and I'm excited to see the improvements in myself and business going forward. Thank you Danielle!

- Kayleigh

How will this work for me?


A Signature Framework

Taking you logically through the learning and supporting you through how to incorporate new ways of working into your life to guarantee you start turning your dreams into reality.


A Mindset & Personal Transformation

Education is just one element. With Danielle's wealth of business change management and coaching experience you will be taken on a journey to move you forward both personally and professionally.


Personalised Monthly Reports

After submitting your cycle tracking data each month, you'll receive a personalised report helping you to analyse your cycle and generate clear next steps to optimise your hormone cycle.


A Bespoke Action Plan

Setting you up with a personal toolkit to implement for years to come.

Thank you Danielle for helping us understand our bodies and run our businesses better!
- Sinem

What Will I Learn?

  • What Hormonal Cycle Optimisation is and how is sabotaging your business right now.

  • Why hormonal cycle optimisation is so important.

  • Why you've previously found being an business woman so challenging.

  • How to get clarity on your motivation.

  • How to shift your mindset around your period and hormonal cycle.

  • About the four phases of the hormonal cycle.

  • How to track your cycle using accurate data from your own body and self-connection tools.

  • What business oriented tasks you should do throughout each phase of your hormonal cycle, to optimise your energy and skillset for each phase.

  • How to implement business processes to support you working on the right type of tasks throughout each phase of your hormonal cycle.

  • How to leverage each phase of your cycle to help you generate more revenue, become insanely efficient and achieve personal wellbeing!

Before Ambitious Achievers

  • Coming up with great business ideas that you never follow through

  • Your business sales are far too inconsistent to plan for the future

  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome from your fluctuating confidence in your ability as a business owner and the success of the business itself

  • Days of insane productivity followed by the lull and frustration as you simply can't focus.

  • Social media content inconsistent in both quality and quantity

  • Sign up to networking groups or events and then can't face it on the day

  • Fed up with the unpredictability

  • Feeling completely out of control

After Ambitious Achievers

  • Finally delivering your innovative business ideas

  • Your business is consistently making more money

  • Continuous confidence in how you operate your business

  • Having the tools to be more consistently productive

  • Business process that support your boundaries

  • Your cycle is predictable and you are doing the right things at the right time - it feels easy

  • Feeling more positive and higher energy

  • Feeling in control of your body

  • Embracing and dare I say it maybe even looking forward to your periods


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Programme start and finish?

This is an ongoing programme so you can start tomorrow if you wish. The programme has been designed to last 3 months.

After the 3 months you will no longer have access to the online material unless you choose to subscribe to a retainer programme with The HCO Coach.

Can I benefit if I'm experiencing menopausal symptoms?

I recommend to anyone with a period to start tracking their cycles TODAY.  The earlier the better, but if you've only just discovered the concept I encourage you to start now, to help make the transition through menopause as smoother where possible.

What is the format of the Programme?

All of your training content is accessed via an online portal. Content is released in weekly batches to help you stay consistent and only do what is relevant for you in alignment with the programme structure.

Within the online portal you can also download all of the worksheets and templates needed to support your work.

Also within the online portal is a community chat space (no dreaded FB). I strongly encourage you to participate and engage in the chat to support others in the programme as well as ask The HCO Coach questions, share challenges or celebrate successes.

There will be one live drop in workshop each month to have dedicated access to Danielle, The HCO Coach or an associate coach in her absence.

You will also have access to an online library of training provided by Associate Coaches to broaden the topic of Hormonal Cycle Optimisation beyond your business.

Can I benefit if i'm using hormonal contraception?

The answer to this question really depends on what type of hormonal contraception you are on.

For example if you are on the Copper or Mirena Coil you may still be ovulating and you can certainly benefit from the programme.

It may be less beneficial with other types of hormonal contraception. The reason for this is, when taking certain types of hormonal contraception you are effectively suppressing ovulation and whilst you may experience a 'period' it is actually a withdrawal bleed (a fake period) and so you will not be experiencing the natural ebb and flow of hormones that women need to track their cycles.

Having said that I have worked with clients who are using hormonal contraception but insist they still feel cyclical and we have found that cycle tracking has allowed them to identify patterns in behaviours that may be more aligned with the moon.  Note that Moon cycles is NOT something I teach within this programme.

It is also worth considering whether learning about Hormonal Cycle Optimisation could benefit you in other ways.  For example, to help you better support those around you (partners, children, colleagues or clients).  The knowledge gained in this programme will also give a really good insight into the typical behaviours of a client who is showing fluctuating signs of their commitment to working with you.

Book a call or apply below (providing the detail of your hormonal contraception when asked) and let's have a chat about the type of contraception you are on to discuss whether this would be of benefit to you.

What is the investment for the Programme?

The investment for the 3 month programme is £1050 which is split into 3 payments of £350 payable monthly.

If you wish to pay in full for the 3 months the investment reduces to £950.


Ambitious Achievers

Here's exactly what you get...

  • Structured Training Sessions (pre-recorded to watch at a time convenient to you) delivered by Danielle The HCO Coach and occasionally Associate Coaches (Guest Experts)

  • Personalised monthly reports to help you analyse your cycle tracking data and create the right action plan for you moving forward

  • Monthly LIVE Drop-in Workshops

  • Access to a Private Community

  • Worksheets & Templates

  • My ebook: Unlock your Super Power in 3 simple steps

All for just £950 when you pay in full. Payment plan is also available.

Apply now

Please complete the form below to apply for your space on the Ambitious Achievers Programme. I will review your application and confirm your suitability within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can book a call with me to have a chat about the programme and your suitability for it.

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